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Jan Hus Day

Jan Hus Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

Jan Hus Day takes place every year on 6 July in the Czech Republic to acknowledge the life and death of this important 14th century figure.

20246 JulSatJan Hus Day
20256 JulSunJan Hus Day
20266 JulMonJan Hus Day
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Jan Hus was a philosopher and priest who hailed from what is now the Czech Republic. He was born in 1369 and was burned at the stake for heresy in the summer of 1415. He was executed due to his disagreements regarding various Roman Catholic church doctrines. Hus made a significant impact during his lifetime as a religious reformer. That’s why he has a holiday dedicated to him.

While this holiday isn’t known for major events or traditions, there are some Jan Hus Day celebrations in locations around the nation. “HusFest” is the name of one specific Czech festival that’s centred around Hus. This yearly event in his hometown of Husinec includes numerous types of performances and activities.

Some people in the Czech Republic see Jan Hus Day as a time to be charitable. One tradition involves gathering food and giving it to the homeless residents of major cities such as Prague.

Previous Years

20236 JulThuJan Hus Day
20226 JulWedJan Hus Day
20216 JulTueJan Hus Day
20206 JulMonJan Hus Day
20196 JulSatJan Hus Day
20186 JulFriJan Hus Day
20176 JulThuJan Hus Day