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Jan Hus Day

Jan Hus Day 2018 and 2019

Jan Hus Day takes place every year on July 6th in the Czech Republic. The holiday exists to acknowledge Hus’ life and passing.

20186 JulFriJan Hus Day
20196 JulSatJan Hus Day
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Jan Hus was a philosopher and priest who hailed from what is now the Czech Republic. He was born in 1369 and passed away in the summer of 1415. He was executed due to his disagreements regarding various Roman Catholic church doctrines. Hus made a significant impact during his lifetime as a religious reformer. That’s why he has a holiday dedicated to him.

Jan Hus Day is like many other holidays in that it’s thought to be a time of rest. Residents of the Czech Republic typically don’t have to go to work on this public holiday. Students don’t have to attend school on the holiday, either.

People who live in the Czech Republic tend to take it easy on Jan Hus Day. They often don’t participate in complex and detailed celebrations. Most people in the nation prefer to commemorate Hus by relaxing and simply appreciating the wonders of life. People can, however, find Jan Hus Day celebrations in key locations around the nation. If you visit the capital city of Prague, you should be able to come across numerous events that acknowledge Hus. “HusFest” is the name of one specific Czech festival that’s centred around Hus. This yearly event is full of parades, musical performances and even street theatre. People can shop for nice souvenirs at HusFest, too.

Some people in the Czech Republic see Jan Hus Day as a time to be charitable. One tradition involves gathering food and giving it to the homeless residents of major cities such as Prague. Some Czechs help by giving food to the homeless. Others help out by gifting the gifts of their time and energy.

It isn’t unusual for people in the Czech Republic to quietly show their respect for the religious reformer on the public holiday. They may choose to get lost in informative books that discuss the influence Hus had on the nation’s religious movement. If they want to enjoy a little extra tranquillity while reading, they may visit a laid-back public park. There are countless gorgeous parks located all over the Czech Republic. Prominent examples of parks in Prague are Petrin Park, the Vrtba Garden, Vysehrad Park, Kampa Park and Stromovka Park.

There are many other widely known parks in the city beyond just those, too. Petrin Park is a pleasant location that’s just steps away from magnificent Prague Castle. Vysehrad Park is a great destination for people who wish to experience the extraordinary beauty of landscaped gardens. Stromovka Park is a lovely spot for people who admire ample space. This park isn’t just a good location for people who want to quietly read about Hus’ legacy. It’s also a good location for people who are fans of recreational activities such as rollerblading and cycling. It’s chock-full of broad paths.