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May Day

May Day 2025 and 2026

The Czech Republic observes May Day every first of May as a public holiday. This holiday has deep and varied historical roots, but it is also a very low-key holiday to many who wish to forget the way it was pompously celebrated during Communist days.

20251 MayThuMay Day
20261 MayFriMay Day
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In the 1800s, factory workers felt rather abused by being forced to work 10 to 12 hour days. Some even had to work 18 or more hours straight, and the pay was very paltry, while working conditions were abysmal. The workers’ rights movement and the celebration of Labour Day played a role in reversing these conditions, but the day also became a kind of celebration of Communism in the minds of many.

While under Soviet domination and Communist control after World War II, what is now The Czech Republic was forced to celebrate Labour Day in big style with huge parades. Today, many prefer to make it simply a day off work and a time to celebrate springtime and love.

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20241 MayWedMay Day
20231 MayMonMay Day