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Czech Republic

Czech Republic Public Holidays

Discover upcoming public holiday dates for Czech Republic and start planning to make the most of your time off.

National holidays are regulated under the 1975 Act to amend the Act of 2 November 1951 Respecting the National Festivals, Public Holidays, Days of Remembrance, and Days of National Significance. This law provides the government with the ability to establish national holidays and create one-time commemorations or national events. This law also provides the government the right to remove holidays from the list. However, there have not been any removals since enacting this law.

This Act also prevents the government from moving holiday celebration dates. If a holiday occurs on a weekend date, it must be recognised on that date. Holidays are not moved to the following work day for celebration.

The Labour Law of the Czech Republic requires employers to provide all employees with a paid day off for national holidays. If the employee has to work on that date due to the nature of their position, the employer is required to pay a premium wage for that date or provide the employee with another paid day off in lieu of the holiday.

Some of the holidays celebrated in the Czech Republic are religious based events. Some of these holidays will change in date each year because their celebration dates are calculated based on the lunar cycle. The government of the Czech Republic requires that all employers acknowledge these religious holidays regardless of the date they occur each year. The government of the Czech Republic will publish in the National Gazette at the end of each year the dates for the national holidays on the following year.

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